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Siggy or avatar chat? :D
I know I haven't been the best at organising the threads - for instance comments about sigs and avatars tend to fall in whatever post I'm posting in at the time ^^

However, I'd like to say how much I like e1337 and max's siggies and also Sowon's avatar here Big Grin I'm sure I've missed out on the other ones too but these three spring to mind at the time of posting Smile I've already said this before, but I'm going to create one in the same style as well ^^

Hope you guys don't mind!
i changed mine ^^
[Image: snwpv44sz10241.jpg]
Oooh - even if I don't watch Death Note I do love that siggy Smile
i love my siggy and my avatar
[Image: Beckbw.jpg]

A human soul is very complex. The guitar conveys the soul's feelings. Words translate what the soul is feeling. This is called a song, it calms, heals, & sooth the souls thousands.
i'm a car junky and so prolyn noone will like my avie or understand it. hehe n_n;;
[Image: 4g79506.gif]
I must confess I have difficulty differentiating the brand of a car by its shape unless I can see the logo...so alas it's lost on me. I'm sure quite a few members will get it though, sorry that it's not me >_<

Kon is mine = I love Kon - he's so cute! Big Grin
Kon is freaking hilarious
[Image: snwpv44sz10241.jpg]
Yeah, I couldnt understand your siggy happysky, but I do like your avatar =D
hum.. still looking for a great siggy ~ I like my avatar because I draw it myself ^^""
Hehe, sowy is quite the artist! Big Grin

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