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i shall try to upload all my pix but i dont have much time right now so you all just sit tight!!  sorry i didnt bother resizing them.  its cuz i dont have much time right now.... sumimasen!

[Image: animematsuri102.jpg]  (ookami, ichi, and britt)

[Image: animematsuri095.jpg]
(i think you know who this is)

[Image: animematsuri092.jpg]  mya!! its teeda!

[Image: animematsuri096.jpg]
i just got my hug from kenji03 and teeda right here.  u can see nao right there on the side =D
[Image: animematsuri090.jpg]
life is so sweet.  kenji03 was staring at me =D
[Image: animematsuri086.jpg]
my sex god kenji03
[Image: animematsuri069.jpg]
ookami and our lovely nao
[Image: animematsuri068.jpg]
ichi and nao (i was a bit tired running around in the box all day)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFeJw11o_00  oh this is when we won the runway cosplay. i was ecstatic!!
[Image: animematsuri048.jpg]
for flick!
[Image: animematsuri002.jpg]
my L cosplay. before the con

ok i shall upload more pix later.  i had the time of my life.  best birthday present ever!!!!
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.
[Image: animematsuri036.jpg]
we are shameless
[Image: animematsuri058.jpg]
the hottest cosplay EVAR in the whole con. kyo!! they're both guys btw. and yes bishounens do exist. here's proof
[Image: animematsuri092.jpg]
more later
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.
OMG - AWESOME PICTURES!!!!!!!!! AND YES I"M THE FIRST TO POST! Big Grin I'm so excited!!!!!!!! Smile *coughs* now back to my usual calm self - WOWOWOWOWW you got a hug from kenji03 *AND* got to take pictures with the whole band - WOW! Big Grin

I was just going through some pictures of AM when I spotted - POCKY! - and hot-footed it here to post pictures to show the others - then I realised you were back! Smile

Someone else loved you too ^^

EDIT: I just watched the Ramune contest video - you guys looked so cute jumping up and down in the pocky boxes! They look great up close *and* from afar!

EDIT2: I shall take my time to elaborate each picture in my subsequent posts. Big Grin

EDIT3: Thank you also for the Ouran High cosplay picture! I've just noticed that you were in your L cosplay outfit in your photo with NAO! Smile Go Nao! The t-shirt looks brilliant Smile I'm also running out of adjectives!
I have some pictures too~! Although they're almost all from today's autographing session.

[Image: backon01.jpg]

[Image: backon05.jpg]

[Image: backon08.jpg]

[Image: backon10.jpg]

[Image: backon11.jpg]

[Image: backon06.jpg]

[Image: backon12.jpg]

[Image: backon13.jpg]

[Image: backon14.jpg]

[Image: backon15.jpg]

More scrumptious photos of the 5some! Big Grin Oh yes - did they have a translator or something with them or did they answer everything in English?
They had a translator. For the Q&A session though, Teeda tried to answer everything in English, and he did a pretty darn good job. It was really amazing. The others though... They had some trouble. Although I liked the question, "If you could be any animal, what would you be?" They each in turn sat with the microphone in their hand for like 10 seconds before answering, "...dog?" xD
I'm very happy that you guys had fun. ichi i can tell you had a blast ! and i can't believe i was riding with the famous pokey girls! =D
Teeda's english is amazing then! Big Grin If only my Japanese could be that good ^^ Hehe... I can almost imagine the question-scene playing out now (the photos help of course Big Grin) for the question you mentioned ^^

I wonder if anyone managed to remember or write down what was being asked? Smile I've never really been to a Q&A session but do they just pick people randomly for their questions?

Sorry to bombard you with all these questions (sorry Ichi in advance... you'll get these too:p) but details are so important^
Yeah, they were random. Extremely random. Ones I remember were:

-Are all of you single?
-How old are you all?
-What was the first thing you bought in America?
-What did you expect to find in Texas?
-If you could be any animal, what would you be?
-What animes do you all watch?
-If you could be any anime character, what would you be?
-Who's your favorite anime character?
-What are your favorite foods?

Basically, everyone could ask whatever questions they wanted to. Although they did just laugh at some of the really stupid ones. There are so many more... but *sigh* I really should get some sleep.
Some great questions there! Big Grin I would be intrigued to find out more about what they said ^^ Hehe, you must be really tired from all the con activity (probably why Ichi had to go off too) but thanks for sharing all this!

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