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Thanks for the info, Rynn and Sowon! Big Grin I'm afraid as someone who can't sing properly (let alone rap) I'm not sure how the two work together ~~

Can't wait to hear your version of Gaku-ten, Sowon! Big Grin An in-progress music file would be amazing!

Something like: http://atashi.wordpress.com/2007/04/07/t.../#more-940
which features videos from Day2 -> Month2 (my favourite is Month 1) but one can see how much they progress Big Grin
lol she increase a lot ! ( I do not how to do or where I can find intrumental versions of BO songs. I'll be happy if someone have at least one instumental version.
Ah I do not want to film myself ( hazukashii ) lol
If anyone is interested, Winamp does have a plugin to mimic 'karaoke' (it's called DeFX for Winamp) effects... I'm testing it out now, and it's quite weird hehe - some parts are louder than others, but what it does is just surpress some of the main vocals so the other parts of the music become more prominent. If anyone is interested, I can record it to see what you all think? Big Grin

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