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The Gigantic BACK-ON FanBook Project - Planning
@SpydR: Not too late at all! Big Grin I think we will welcome both Photoshop/paper versions - is this known as mixed something/media/? - so people have the option of scanning or posting their creation ^^

@ichi: Tis' a bit of a bummer but either way will endeavour to sort out an address!

@Edward & Dean: Going to be so direct here: Does this mean you might be willing to volunteer to work on the comics side of things?

Regarding A4 - I believe this is a setting that can be chosen in Word/Photoshop. Jist wondering though: what is the standard size setting used in the US/Canada?

I think for the media part - it can be anything audio - singing, or a little tune on an instrument, or maybe that audio greeting. What do you all think?

By the way, not sure if you have all ever seen The Devil Wears Prada, but I'd love the fanbook to be something like the Runway mockup when BACK-ON open it up :p

Did we all agree on the cover work or something?

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