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The Gigantic BACK-ON FanBook Project - Planning
Sorry it's taken awhile to reply to you all: I am joining the little group of migrants on our BOO forums, as I'll be moving to a new place (temporarily till the next new place in a few weeks) this weekend. Let's just say the amount of stuff I've accumulated whilst being here is more than a massive headache!

Anyway, back on topic: Loving all the ideas so far! Big Grin We could have a front cover with one design and a back cover with the other design. What do you all think? As I'm not very good with artwork, I would much appreciate it if someone could oversee this side of things (looks appealling at those who can do art Sparklies

@Beros: I'm not very good with inches but I think what you've posted is right. The metric dimensions (or Imperial?) are A4 - 210 × 297mm - hopefully this is the standard printing paper size for most people

@Ichi and Beros: In terms of the PO Box - I'm looking into this at the moment as it seems I'd have to apply for one for 6 months minimum (annoyingly :p) so we'll see how it goes. Maybe this is an excuse for more than one book?

@All: Thanks for all the feedback so far! Smile We're very close to our deadline of sorting our the logistics (might extend by a few days if that's alright) and so far the list of confirmed participants includes (in no particular order):

BizarreFish (by email)
Kenji03_fan (by email)

Hopefully I haven't missed anyone out! Big Grin

What does anyone think of fan comics - suggested by Edward and Dean - and the extra CD/media mentioned from before? Smile

At the moment it looks as though we've got the cover and the individual fan pages. It would be nice to get some 'community' pages going too ~

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