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The Gigantic BACK-ON FanBook Project - Planning
Oh wow, I seriously love you all! :love: In the usual way of course! Thanks muchly for your contributions so far - this brainstorming session/thread is turning out to be a storming success!

I'm going to try and summarise it all into the headings below, but please feel free to correct me if I've missed out an idea or could have categorised it better.

I am really, really keen on the the theme of "Fans around the world" first proposed by ichi and backed up by Edward and Dean. Perhaps this phrase could be in the 'introduction' of our fanbook (like the Utada Hikaru fanbook - I think an introduction or foreword to our project would be excellent!) Would be great to know if we can get a consensus with everyone!

Contributor list
As you know, an email has been sent out to all the Forum members regarding this project. The plan is to promote it on any Facebook group too. It would be nice to have an actual list of fans so we know how many people will be contributing work. Would a separate thread be best for this? Just one reply to confirm that you would like to send/email in something?


There has been some - dare I say - marvellous discussion here about what format we should be using, and I can really see this being a bit of a challenge.

Firstly: I hope we all agree that the standard page size will be A4? So no matter if digital or non-digital, we have some kind of common consensus about the size.

Digital vs paper
Digital - as suggested by Dean, we are an international fanbase, so the pros for this are that it will make life a lot easier than relying on snailmail.

Paper version - I think it was ichi and Beros who both coined the term 'scrapbook' to make it the fanbook very personalised - by fans for the band.

It has been very interesting what you have all had to say about it so far. Could we combine the best of both worlds?

e.g. I think Dean did mention the possibility of scanning a paper design.

I am very much for the paper version, not really because of photoshop, but as mentioned by others, I believe it would allow fans more freedom for their designs.

This is what I sort of imagined: a rather large ring-bound/something bound booklet slightly larger than A4, which would allow us to fix the A4-sized fanpage on to each page/s. If possible the original fanpage, or where the fanpage does not arrive on time, the scanned version.

I still think the templating system by Dean is a super idea. Given the cost involved (the pound wasn't doing too badly a while back Tongue) of sending an entire book into the printers, I wonder if we can use this templating system on a smaller scale for some collaboration pages? Any excuse to use that 'fans around the world' thread!

Throw in your comments, please! Sparklies

Cover artwork
From the discussion so far, there is the option of having either one or two people working on the cover only, or, having everyone contribute towards it to make a 'mashup'.As with the format of the book (above) there are good arguments for either way - where I think the former is more likely to result in a more professional design, and the latter will look more fanmade.

Not everyone has mentioned what they would like of the cover design so far, and this is one part where we can reach a consensus at an early stage, so please do comment!

I am rather more inclined towards one or two people working specifically on the cover, as it would make the job of whoever is collating the work for the other pages a lot easier. Everyone still gets to have a say about the cover design though Smile

Almost last but not least: the content!

Printed content
Content is king. I'm sure we are all in agreement that each fan should have their own page to work on.

Fan letters (as suggested by TeedaFanGirl?), fanart, photo collages (by ichi) and much much more on individual fanpages, as far as your creativeness can take you Smile

It would be a good idea to draw the line at anything rated 18.

And it would be fantastic if we could have one or two 'group' sections that we all contribute to and could thus utilise the super templating system. Does this sound too silly? Mantou

MultiMedia content
I believe Yuki came up with a great idea about a CD of fans singing BACK-ON's songs and/or short videos in a CD of fans saying hello from across the world.

Additional important ideas
I'm not quite sure when the idea of sending food came up (Sorry!) - although I love the concept of sending them a Christmas hamper (Fortnum & Masons?) but practically speaking I think the health&safety people managing BACK-ON might have a bit of a fit. :p We can try and find out what they'd do with it during a Q&A? Wahahaha

Please do keep the ideas flowing~ Pon Yeah It's so very stimulating to read through so many different ideas, as it just shows that BOO forums does have some very inventive people! Hopefully no one has been put off by my comments: this FanBook project is a fan group project, so we want everyone's voices to be heard, particularly during this brainstorming session, to ensure we deliver the best FanBook possible Whip

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