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The Gigantic BACK-ON FanBook Project - Planning
ya..... i fail at photoshop as i said before.......
I was thinking about the GIFT...
A long time ago there was a "Karaoke Contest" here, about singing a predeterminated song but... What if we sing our favourite BACK-ON song and we incluide it with the FanBook as a FanDisc with our favorite songs?.

I guess one person could print the disc (the deliverer... or anyone and then he/she sends it to the deliverer). I don't know if this is a bad idea or not... but also, in the disc, we could incluide a FAN VIDEO where everyone greet BACK-ON ^^ What do you think?

Maybe it's the best idea for a gift (pretty much "doable").
Greetings ppl =D
I wanna join this project too Wink So here you have me ^^
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i was thinking perhaps the theme of the fanbook could be like fans around the world, since we have so many different people from different places
That sounds really cool yuki. :3

And it's not very large so it wouldn't hurt the book in making it too bulky. X3
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I can't imagine another kind of gifts for them :3
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we could....... give tehm........ me! i'd gladly be a present
If we could, I'm sure we would give ourselves to BACK-ON xD
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• Twitter: @AquastormLAS
oh well, it was worth a shot....
(07-20-2009, 06:39 AM)Mr.Beros Wrote: Making it from paper like a scrapbook seems more personal to me
and a bit easier for those who aren't good with computer programs like photoshop/gimp.

It would be...but we all live in different places in the world :S I don't think there is a way for one person to receive all the pages in time...digital is uploading/send by mail to 1 person and he can get it instant. Or scan the scrappage? The effect won't be the same but it will still look awesome.
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I Think We Should All Write Fan Letters To Back-On Or Our Favorite Members. I Mean It's The Thought That Counts. Right? Plus We Don't Know What Kinda Of Candy They So It Be Kinda Hard To Send Them Free Candy. Unless We Know What They Like.
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