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The Gigantic BACK-ON FanBook Project - Planning
YAY! Big Grin Thanks to the peeps who have replied so far ~ I think it will be a fantastic project and it will be group effort.

Go Edward!

Brainstorming FTW! I love the idea of the fan comic ^^ The fanbook would be amazing with this unique content as well as individual messages/pages. Perhaps we can also include Dean's main comic too (with the next instalment in the next fanbook :p)

I've been skulking around Google for some other 'fandom' fanbook samples (just to get an idea) and one of them allowed content like:
  • Fanart/artwork
  • Letters/messages
  • Small gifts (candy, stickers, pins/badges etc.)
  • Postcards

I wasn't sure about the 'small gifts' part but everything else sounded doable.

Hopefully Sesshy and Dean won't mind overseeing quite a lot of the artworky side of things, since frankly - you all know my experience in such matters.Sparklies

p/s: One fanbook that I thought looked quite awesome was done by Utada.com.br (Brazilian Utada Hikaru Fans) and you can see a few shots of it here:

What do you think of having it all ring bound like that?

p/s2: Not sure if I have the logo as a vector image, but I might have some sort of image stashed away. Sesshy may be able to help here.

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