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The Gigantic BACK-ON FanBook Project - Planning
Big Grin 
This project stemmed originally from a discussion that grew from a post regarding BACK-ON's fanmail postal address, and with thanks to Edward for thinking up the idea, it seemed like a good time to start our:

Gigantic BACK-ON FanBook Project

The idea is that each fan creates their very own 'fanpage', which will then be posted to destination 'x' (well, a human being) to be made into a BIG/GIGANTIC FANBOOK to give/send to BACK-ON from our fan forums!

Wee We have two deadlines in mind at present: one in time for BACK-ON's European debut in Germany in mid September (and with thanks to ookami for the reminder: Kenji03's birthday) to be presented in person - and one for Christmas - to be sent as a 'gift' to Japan!

It would be good to find out what you think; so far the initial brainstorming has thrown up some random ideas (the best ones from Edward and very, very occasionally myself) including:
  • Roping in our 'pros' to do fab cover artwork (they shalt remain mysteriously un-named at present)
  • Fanbook will be A4 in size
  • Have two fanbooks - one mini one in time for September (and Kenji03) and one gigantic one for the Christmas season
  • Have some sort of theme or guideline for people to work towards
  • Paper versions > digital versions

So the purpose of this thread is to find out what everyone's thoughts about how we should go about this project -the logistics, the guidelines, if/what theme.

Please let us know by replying! Sparklies

Any ideas or comments or suggestions are welcome as ultimately, this *is* our community project, and therefore feedback is all important. Don't worry if you think your idea might seem stupid or silly, as it is probably something that no one else thought about and would love! Lovelove This is what the planning and brainstorming thread is for!

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