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The Gigantic BACK-ON FanBook Project - Planning
Thank you Flick for all your updates about this project! I have some time to kill in August, so I guess I can do something on a A4 size page with Photoshop Big Grin
Woot ~! Thanks, SpydR! Smile It would be great to have your contribution! Let us know if you think of anything we can add to the Fanbook.

Maybe should do a survey to send round to everyone. Seems like all the peeps are open to all ideas - so much so that we're in middle ground :p

Would everyone be happy with a (relatively) short survey?
So A4 is about the size of printer paper? If so, awesome! I got plenty of those. Mwuahahahaaa =)

I wouldn't mind a survey =)
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bring on the survey!

and edward kun! Do you have ideas for a comic? Cuz I don't...well I do have but it's a special i'll be working on end of the week.
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Rafe Blake:"REALLY?"
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Kenji:"haha! good one! haha!"
I wouldn't mind a survey too =)
we could make comics of the fanfiction other people posted? that was flick's suggestion
I'm cool with a survey
and I realize how I'm not very active in this thread
but when it comes to ideas
I am not the person to come to.
so sorry for my lack of contributions T_T
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
* Spitfire is waiting for the survey :3

Well... I expect this to be a full success (a.k.a. EPIC WIN for B.O.O.)

Also... isn't the Fanfiction... uhm... kinda bad idea??? All I've read here seems to be written by psychopaths who want to get BACK-ON on their bed, tied (like in bondage) and look at their faces calling for some help! xD Why don't you replace that idea for one where everyone seems friendly and look like FANS, not PSYCHOPATHS! xD

Who can draw "convert" our bodies into manga and do something cool with that? ^^
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only you want to do that yuki.....
Fanfictions seem like a bad idea. XDD

Nao is good at drawing, but don't know if she would want to draw everyone. I'm okay at it. XD;


That's my Deviant Art, not a lot of my newer stuff is on there unless done by the computer.

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