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CD DATA February 2009 scan
Oh wow, this is a fantastic scan!!! Big Grin Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Sesshy (and nagashiwa Big Grin) I think this is one of the first pictures where we can really tell the difference in the heights of all the band members (most of the ones I've seen they're sitting down/standing at different levels or the camera angle isn't what one would call 'straight on') which everyone has already picked up.

I'm short and darn proud of it Wink I think I did grow one centimetre in the last 5 years. My best achievement!

Isn't variety the spice of life? If BACK-ON was a 'manufactured' boy band (I have nothing against them by the way - I love Backstreet Boys) then they'd most likely have been selected to have the same height and same-ish features to broaden their appeal.

For his actual height, will probably have to ask the peeps who have met him in person (like Sesshy, ichi, ookami etc.)
ooo im probably shorter then him too.... i dont want to grow taller though, there are advantages at being short and somewhat adorable, for one if your silent and shy like me, everyone thinks your cool and no one really bothers you, plus you can guilt other people into doing stuff for you by acting all helpless, and you can get into really small places.

srry to get sidetracked here, i like how back-on has a variety to them too, and manufactured boy bands mostly always just sing and dance, none of them ever play any intruments except sometimes a guitare

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