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Random stuff made by K a n i e s h a
I'm just going to make this thread for all of the Back-On stuff I make. I know it's not the best stuff ever, but my newer stuff is better than my older stuff.
I made my first B-Set!
[Image: icchanbanner1.png] [Image: icchanbset1.png]

I also made some icons.

[Image: icchanicon2.png] [Image: shu2.png] [Image: teedaicon2.png] [Image: kenjiicon1.png] [Image: icchanicon1.png] [Image: shu1.png] [Image: gori1.png] [Image: teedaicon1.png]

Banners (Not B-Sets ...yet)
[Image: goribanner1.png]
Kenji banners: (same banner, different brushes)
[Image: kenjibanner1.png]

[Image: kenjibanner2.png]

Feel free to take what you like. Criticism is appreciated too. Just don't bash me >.> Also, you don't have to credit, but I would like it if you would, but I don't credit a lot either. hahaha, So I've gotten into using just the stuff I make.

BTW; Please don't HOTLINK. If you want to use, upload on your own servers.

[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
I just realized Shu looks REALLY white in that second icon.
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
wow so many icchan things!!!!!
lol i know right?
i wonder why i did that.
i need to make a teeeeeeeda banner next
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
wow ya, out of all those things only 2 teeda things... 4 icchan things though!!!
haha i was going to make a teeda b-set earlier
but then i got bored
and the stripes across his face looked weird
i need to make them not look weird..
and damn you have nearly 730 posts!
i need to make another shu icon. he seriously looks like pale white
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
haha 730? i guess im just awesome
twooo moreee
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
alright then!!!! to 730!!!!!
very nice, kaniesha! Big Grin i've stolen your TEEDA icons, just to let you know. :]
(\ /)
(o.o) - ...I'm gonna eat you
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Guess who has a facebook --> Me again!

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