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Random stuff made by K a n i e s h a
hahaha that's cool x]
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
waah~~ i gotta take a look at home cuz the school laptops block the images! D=
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.
loll beee suree to do so
they're not that great though D<
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
Really liking the work there, smilez/kan! Big Grin Especially the kenji03 banners with the different brushes - very gorgeous!
yes they are really great, i wish i had brilliant computer art skills too, i only have moderate normal art skills.... :`(
hahaha my stuff isn't that great. i'm still working on it. like my blinkies. the best one i've made so far is in my signature. lolol
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
To try and be a bit philosophical (Flick, philosophical? No way, Jose! :p) ... Practice makes perfect? Everyone starts somewhere and I think you're already well ahead! Ganbatte!
flick is a philosophe? (thats french for philosopher btw) the end of the world is near!!!!!!
@Edward: I know! Muahaha. Whip

Hope you will be designing more soon, kan Smile
hahaha I do need an update! I'll make some more icons and banners this weekend!
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]

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