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Audio Interview with BACK-ON's Teeda & Kenji03 by Alchemy (Australia SBS)
I have been meaning to post about this interview for the past few days but with Chinese New Year and the associated cleaning, and dare I say partying - with the family so not quite the same - and working too, life has been a ferris wheel that keeps going on-and-on! Smile

Anyway, this interview was conducted in mid December (18th December 2008) and features TEEDA and KENJI03 as phone interview guests on the Asian Pop Show hosted by Jennifer Ho.

The program is broadcast every Thursday all over Australia as it is part of 'Alchemy', which is itself under the umbrella of the goverment-funded radio and TV broadcasting network SBS.

We get to find out more about BACK-ON's work with GReeeeN, their work on YES!!! and random other thoughts, although they do mention flyaway as well! Smile

What's great about this interview is that there are two versions.

The question is posed in English, and there is the original full-on Japanese version with Kenji03 and Teeda answering questions, but the highlight for me is the 'second' or English version of the interview, where you can still hear Teeda and Kenji03 speaking in the background (in turn) whilst an English voiceover gives us the low down Big Grin

There's a really funny moment where Kenji03 takes over answering the questions and he gets lost :p And at the end he introduces Hikari Sasuhou! Pon Yeah

The interview is brilliantly done and the translation was done by Mika Nakamori.

And of course, here's the link:

Hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as I did! Smile Certainly something to do whilst waiting for the release of 'flyaway' apart from admiring that fantastic scan of BACK-ON in Arena 37c posted by Sesshy! Sparklies

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