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BACK-ON Arena 37C Feb 2008
I got the scan in Arena 37C Feb 2009 of BACK-ON, promoting their single: Flyaway!

Yeah it's only in Green and white, but I probably color it. Anyway, by any chance anyone would like to translate all that? xD Could find out more about the single plus might learn more info about our lovely band.! =D

Thank you keishiiikeis@Lj for the scan! <3
woot! they look good XDD
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OMG... seriously, when I saw the news on the flyaway thread, my eyes couldn't believe it! A whole feature article on BACk-ON in Arena 37c! I mean, I can get this in ENGLAND (albeit at an exorbitant price)!

Kudos to Sesshy for the find and keishiiikeis@Lj for the scan! Pon Yeah

Now I really really wish I had paid more attention to my Japanese studies >_< It is possible to pick out bits of 'kanji' but then it doesn't make complete sense. Lots of text (and a lovely pic!) to savour though!
wow!!! if only i could read it... Why
lookin good fellas. Thumbup

yea, we need to find a translator. must understand interview Why
(\ /)
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yes it is a MUST, we shall have to begin a hunt soon

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