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super awesome plan
okay this is my super awesome plan to meet back-on
1. learn jap in the next year
2. convince my mom to let me go to jap (hardest part)
3. get my uncle who works in jap airlines to get me a ticket
4. make a jap exchange student friend and go back with him/her
5. heres where there is some variation, either a. find out where back-on or icchan lives (dunno if they live together or not) or b. find out where their next concert in
6.a. go to their/his house after a big rain and collapse by the door or b. get really wet and cold and a really bad fever and collapse by them while they're signing stuff
7. make them take pity on me cuz i have a fever and dont have a place to stay and i came all the way to japan just to see them
8. it the above steps all work, ill stay with him/them for a while and during that time get them to know/love me
9. become personal friends with back-on and icchan!!!!!
10. mention to them this wonderful site so that they will understand how much the world loves them
final step. become their best friend
hahahaha that plan is great. you seriously put a lot of thought into it, eh?
if you do end up stealing icchan, get teeda for me XD
of course, i'm sure there are some bigger teeda fans than me..maybe i shouldn't make that request? ><;
loll you're going to make them take pity on you?! XDD
ohh yess tell them about the forums! Big Grin
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yep, of course they couldn't resist a small cute asian kid thats wet and striken with fever and hypothermia!!!!! who just so happened to find them by collapsing infront of them...
You! That dirty trick, that! P:
[Image: backon.png]
Mmmm good luck Edward :\
If your plan success, send me Shu in a package please *o* (Nah, just send me some Back-On gifts x3 hehe)
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lolz I'll add my plan too!

1. become very very good friends with edward
2. making sure edward sends me a ticket too japan too
3. help edward find back-on
Rafe Blake:"NO WAY, was that my cameo?"
Rafe Blake:"REALLY?"
Kenji:"Well, you "are" a minor character..unlike me"
Rafe Blake:"MINOR?"
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Kenji:"haha! good one! haha!"
yep help me find back-on and then ill become good friends with back-on and we'll be with back-on forever!!!
We can marry BACK-ON or something lol and become a big happy family! Big Grin
[Image: backon.png]
well i cant really do that.... i could be icchan's adopted son or somethin!!!!
Admit that you'd like to kiss Icchan x3 Hahahaha XD
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