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BACK-ON "flyaway" out on January 28th 2009!
I have made a news post on the main site, but yes, I think it's fairly certain that BACK-ON are releasing their new single "flyaway" on January 28th 2009!

The single, which is tied in with the PSP game 'Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2', will apparently have two different versions:
1. Limited edition "Tales" version (1200 yen)
2. Normal version (1050 yen)

From my previous experience of the 'Chain' single, the only difference is (usually) the jacket cover design is related to the game, and you get a special sticker.

However, having browsed around a bit more today, it seems that there might well be an extra track! The information is from this website, which is not official, and there is even a note which suggests it is still being considered, but here's the unofficial tracklisting anyway for the 'Limited Edition' version:

  1. flyaway
  2. where is the future?
  3. Re:Start
  4. flyaway(テイルズver.)(仮)

テイルズver. = Tales ver. (This is only shown for the Limited Edition version so the normal version supposedly only has the first 3 tracks)

Hopefully this is the correct tracklisting. Sparklies HMV Japan doesn't have the tracklisting yet (apart from the first track being 'flyaway' on some sites) but it does mention some extras like the (aforementioned) sticker, as well as some FLASH download for a mobile phone (for those in Japan) and extra something for people who play the game... I think.

Any thoughts so far? Smile I'm actually tempted to go for the Limited Edition version!
that's a awesome news ! finally back with new tracks can't believe it actually it's been soo long since BO release some new stuff thx you 'Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2' !!!
I'm with you Flick i'll order the Limited edition too ! And try to find more informations about this new single ! thx for the news !
Wow. I think I'll to get a copy of the game as soon as it arrives here (Chile)... Even if I don't have a PSP, just gonna get it for the Single =)
With luck, I guess I'll get the Limited Edition x3
Thx for the news, Flick =)
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I'm very excited about the news (I'm sure I've said this at least 10 times, so just close your ears/eyes if you get bored) and I think I'll be ordering the Limited edition version too. Am just really hoping the pound will go up closer to the date so that the CD is a wee bit more affordable Smile
Oh my god... a PV with Kenji's new look. New year present?!?!? Smile
BTW Flick, it appears that I'll have to order it online, cause nobody is going to bring this game to Chile T______T Damned luck that I have :B
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• Facebook: @MineCruzado
• Twitter: @AquastormLAS
More awesome news! Here are the official covers for their single. I LOVE IT:

[Image: CTCR-40285.jpg]
<収録曲 / 通常盤>

2.where is the future?

[Image: CTCR-40286.jpg]

<収録曲 / テイルズ オブ盤/期間限定生産>

2.where is the future?
4.flyaway 『テイルズ オブ』Remix

Even though it's not "their style" I just LOVE the color to it XD Sesshy ish gonna order the Limited one.
I'll be posting this on Myspace site! Big Grin (If anyone gets the normal version, please scan covers too so I can possibility make a flyaway wallpaper! Big Grin)

[Image: profile-photo.jpg]
LOL That does not look like Kenji.
[Image: p_kenji03.jpg]
Some reason he has CHANGED hugely o______O More new pictures at their official site.

Edit: And I ordered it! Big Grin
where can you order it ?
The cheapest I got for the CD and shipping is at YesAsia.

Also another news....GReeeeN will also be releasing a single on that day too called Ayumi. o-o oouuu more excitement!

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