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to all the kenji lovers out there: HE GOTS A NEW HAIR CUT!!!
..............SMEXY GRRRRR.....

[Image: kenjisnewhaircut.jpg]
[Image: neji2.jpg]

[Image: Ninja-Dance.gif]
T_____________T I SAW AND I WANT HIS BLOND-NESS BACK *hasn't seen the front yet* Yeah....I still need to see the front and MAYBE I'll accept it.... .______. I like it longer though. I know he said he wanted to do a different style...ahhh *dies*
At first when I saw it, I was like "....tha hell!? WTF did you do w/ ur hair KENJI?" But then as I started staring at the back of his head *for 3 hours* I grew to accept it. On his blog, he has a new pic of him, this tym in the front, & his hair is blond. But I want to see the WHOLE thing, so I can get the feel of it.
^Yes Ugly! But...it's cool, right? Cuz BACK-ON's in there. (Smiles stupidly)
Oh wow, I'm not sure how to describe that... o_O
Engrish lol
[Image: frwedomvu8.jpg]
Haven't seen him with black hair since Anime USA, I miss the blonde but black is good too Smile
is that his natural hair colour, guys?
[Image: r4nYM]
^If you're talking about the red, I doubt it since he's...Japanese XD.

I think his hair is red in the back, blond in the front, & black w/ streaks (?) at the top...ahh...it sounds like a disaster. Hopefully not, tho.


Kenji's ears are kinda big.
^Yes Ugly! But...it's cool, right? Cuz BACK-ON's in there. (Smiles stupidly)
heres the front part:

[Image: 10070829338.jpg]

.......don't ask me what Kenji is doing and why he has a huge set of wires around his neck...
nice hair cut dood. i could never pull such a look off lol
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[Image: FFT.jpg]
omg!! first reaction: "why!! what madness is this???!! holy shattt!!" second reaction after seeing the front part: "oh... well... emmm. yeah... he looks so sexy.. i guess its okay... Fangirl/boy nosebleed

btw, is that a hickey or a mosquito bite on kenji's neck? hmm?? what do u think guys???
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