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Kenji03 is just... too cute! Mer-tah-lee-ka!

Seriously. If you didn't think he was awesomely cute before... this will absolutely change your mind Smile Thumbup

Mer-tah-lee-ka! Big Grin That's how he says 'Metallica'!

(last time we had Icchan eating crisps! Big Grin)
I saw that one already xD I was laughing my butt off too. I should tell him to say "Sammy" or "Sesshy" then I'd might faint
LOL, sesshy! Big Grin It would be so so so SOOO amazing if they could ever do a shoutout!
He is cute. And not JE cute, but "Boy cute." Ya know? (Meaning he looks like a boy, haha); I like him for that. He's a new kind of adorable.

Hehe...I like his nose, I think that what makes him cute...and his teeth are cute, too!Heh
^Yes Ugly! But...it's cool, right? Cuz BACK-ON's in there. (Smiles stupidly)
* Flick waves frantically at ichiban.

LOOOK! Mite kudasai! another real live Kenji03 fan... they do exist, like we discussed before! :lol:

I think he's really adorable too really. especially when he pronounces 'Metallica' like that.
^Haha, yeah, there's alot of living Kenji fans. My friend really likes "flower," (welllllllll he's kinda becoming a BACK-ON fan more than a Kenji fan, lol) and another friend of mine thinks Kenji03 is "kinda cute." ^_^ And the Metallica thing! I was like "ahhhhhh...Kenji, you're sayin' it wrong." It was adorable, tho.

And looking at the pix of him, and his write-in's, lol, he's random too...like he wrote in "good drink" in one section. Sweatdrop And TEEDA (yes, I must mention him even tho. this topic is about Kenji03), reminds me of a schoolgirl. He writes in big caps, and has alot of "~" and "!!!" in his sentences. Wee

Speaking of which, was that like marker that was written on the ceiling or was it etched in???
^Yes Ugly! But...it's cool, right? Cuz BACK-ON's in there. (Smiles stupidly)
Also, I like randomness from a person, especially from bands and artists you like xD
I would love to be able to understand everything fully Big Grin (would like to be a fluent Japanese speaker in the - albeit far off - future) but you're definitely right about the different styles of writing! ^^ I wonder if Teeda talks a bit like that in RL?

The others are more restrained/conventional/conservative with their blog entries (I can't remember if Shu wrote an entry at all? I don't think so but I can't quite recall if that's true or not)
I WISH I COULD SPEAK JAPANESE!!!!!!! i know ima guy and all but i think icchan looks better kenji NO OFFENCE TO ALL KENJI FANS!!!!! please dont stone me to death *whimpers. its just that icchan looks cooler and i think i would pick him rather then kenji to be my friend (although if i could i would take all of them)
Have you seen Vidoll's Vocalist, Jui??
I think he's the cutest singer ever (but he isn't more cute than Gackt xD)

Anyways, Kenji is cute... but now, you know who is the cutest to me x3
Greetings ^^
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