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Useful freeware/websites
Wikipedia told me Smile

http://www.cccp-project.net/ - recommended by Yakhobian (if you've read the news) - great for playing videos esp. anime subs and such. Very easy to install! I didn't installed the bundled players (Zoom and Media Player Classic) as I already have the latter and don't particularly fancy having the first.
Then you would have known it wasnt new. xD

Apparently this is a good application for converting DVD formats to those playable on the ipod.
Another thing to add to the list! >_< If anyone didnt notice, 2nd post of this thread.
Brilliant idea, e1337! Big Grin Clap Thank you!

Hope you don't mind adding to the list every time there's a new thing ^^


The concept behind this site is to give out what is usually shareware (the ones with trial periods) free - different ones every day. They generally pick some ok ones but others should be avoided. It is worth reading the reviews and %thumbsup and down.
No problems! =D

I've just found out about this - really good for cropping and resizing pictures online! Big Grin Now I don't need to fireup Photoshop anymore for simple things.

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