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Videos of Back-on's live performances in February 2008
The details can be found on this news post, but I would really recommend watching the videos if you have time! Smile

clubAsia with ROOKiEZ

Part 1 of Chain by acq128

Part 2 of Chain by acq128

Highlight: Kenji03 crowd-surfing at the start of video 2! Big Grin


Chain by mau37

flower by mau37

Highlight: Kenji03 wearing a shirt and suit-jacket!

p/s: You can see almost every member in the videos, not just Kenji03 (in particular Teeda and also Shu) but I'm quite a fangirl!
*plans on highjacking neighbors computer to watch vids when she gets home* I just can't let such good videos go unwatched. ^__^
(\ /)
(o.o) - ...I'm gonna eat you
Guess who has a myspace --> Me!
Guess who has a facebook --> Me again!
They are good! Big Grin And acq128 actually kindly sent me the originals so I'll be doing some screenshots when I get a chance. I'm surprised at the quality of the videos as well Smile

Hopefully we'll be able to see more videos as Back-on do a few more gigs in the next few weeks.
They need to come back to Houston for another concert! Or at least do a couple in Europe so that you and sowon can finally watch them live. XD
(\ /)
(o.o) - ...I'm gonna eat you
Guess who has a myspace --> Me!
Guess who has a facebook --> Me again!
OH MY GODDESS! THEY BETTER MAKE ALBUM VERSIONS! I love the 3rd Chain by mau37. It was really like a remix xDD But Kenji is getting a bit better with his live but needs to practice a bit more to be honest. He did do well on Flower, hot in that suit jacket ;D LOL Teeda was acting like he was playing the violin. Fans seems to rock out hardcore on their songs.

Do the screenshots! xDD I would love to design something out of them if they're good quality! Or maybe make some animations out of the videos? Big Grin
I would love to see them live - especially after watching these videos Big Grin I loved the crowd atmosphere, and when I first saw Kenji03 crowd-surfing and getting backup on stage with what is best described as 'bed hair', my mouth just dropped open... I really hope the screenshots will do the original video (massive file Sweatdrop) justice! I'll try and do them within the next 7 days if that's alright, sesshy?
Yay!!!! Animations!!! Woohooo!!!! kenji looked sooo adorableFangirl/boy nosebleed
I'm so envious of ppl who went to see this awsome concert ! please BACK-ON do sth like.. coming to Europe okay ?
Teeda like always is very powerful and energic I love him !Wee OMG..BACK-ON rock !!!

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