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I would rather kill everyone on the planet and then myself rather than read Dan Brown. Everyone's got their taste, of course, and I won't put it down. I just don't subscribe to it myself.

And nah, I like fantasy too. I can trace it back to 6th grade, when my Secret Santa partner got me a Dragonlance book for Christmas.
O.o you don't like Dan Brown, Ala? Neuuu! I loved DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons. Awsome books and shed some light on the bloody history of Christianity. ^___^ I liked that part.

Also a Harry Potter fan! I own all the books (or I did at one point). I let my bro borrow book 5 (Order of the Phoenix) and he not only wrote all over the cover but also got it "stolen" (I say he sold it off >.>). I got the first and second books as paper back in elementary so they're falling apart now. >.> I'm not too fond of the epilogue, tho. I think I said it in the Harry Potter thread somewhere around here *looks around*
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