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Hello, just dropping back in after a leave of absence(?) But anyway so lately I've been catching up on my reading lists and was wondering if anyone else on the forum read books. I know there are some Harry Potter fans on here and we had some fun discussions. Though I have a *cough cough* long list of books to read I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Currently reading: Peeps by Scott Westerfeld (for those who read Midnighters or Uglies series, young adult but still good, I'm actually liking it better than Midnighters and Uglies as it is far more intense and...weird.

We the Living by Ayn Rand (I absolutely ADORE Ayn Rand, she is a fabulous author, better known for Atlas Shrugged)

Carpe Demon by Julie Keener (I started reading a preview, went to the book store and couldn't find it! It is about a house wife/soccer mom who in her younger days was a demon hunter. After a walmart incident she finds herself hunting again. Freakin' hilarious.)

Rereading: Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde (One of my favorite books, about a young man who sells his soul for eternal youth, satirical, frightening, wonderful read)
I read manga, that's about it. xD
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Ooh! I love Dorian Grey~ That is one of my favourites!
I've heard of Dorian Grey. Maybe I'll pick it up the next time I see it. As for suggested reading, how about the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. It's about a girl (Bella) who falls for a vampire (Edward) and so much trouble is caused because of it. I finished Eclipse (the third in the series) recently and I'm dissappointed in the characters, but loved the storyline. ^__^
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Ooh! Big Grin Great thread! I was just thinking I could do with some book recommendations! I'm a bit lacking in the fiction dept at the moment, so thank you for the suggestions!

Uhh... I'm reading 'Eats, shoots and leaves'....
I loooooooove to read. Almost anything. 'cept romance. And self-help, I guess. I suppose that's why I was an English major, heh. When I was in high school and had more time (and more money to spend on books.. no rent, le sigh) I read a book a day, at least.

As far as Ayn Rand... did you mean Atlas Shrugged? One of my fellow English majors specialized in post-modern lit and Rand was definitely one of his favorites as well.
Alacrana Wrote:As far as Ayn Rand... did you mean Atlas Shrugged? One of my fellow English majors specialized in post-modern lit and Rand was definitely one of his favorites as well.

Oh...what are you talking about, I didn't make a mistake...*tiptoes and quickly edits post* SEE! Nothing wrong there and no I'm not in denial or anything...^^; But anyway most people or classes usually teach either Atlas Shrugged or Anthem. She has written a few philosophy books which I haven't gotten to yet. The Borders near my house went out of business a while ago so I bought all of their Ayn Rand stock.

So what books do you like to read? On Valentines Day instead of getting jewelry I asked for books (don't look at me like that!) I got Dracula, Time Machine, Invisible Man, Sense and Sensibility (if you liked Rebecca, or love Jane Austen or romance), Ender's Game (Absolutely fabulous Sci-fic) and Picture of Dorian Grey.

Btw for readers of Twilight series, you might like Scott Westerfeld. He wrote Midnighters, Uglies and Peeps. Peeps is currently my favorite and NOT JUST BECAUSE it's creepy but its equally frightening, suspenseful and about (sort of) vampirism.
Lessee... last thing I read was a historical dramatization of Simon de Monfort's life, Falls the Shadow by Sharon Kay Penman. Next I'm reading Jumper by Steven Gould because I never got around to it before now, heh. Uh.. before Falls the Shadow, it was A Short History of Byzantium. Before that it was Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs. Before that, I reread Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein. Et cetera. My taste is all over the map.
well i'm reading a lot of Raymond E. Feist and Terry brooks. Also read all the books of Lord of the Rings and harry potter. I like the fantasy genre. ow I also purchased Mass Effect:Revelation. Good book with lots of background info about the game.

anyone else here likes fantasy? -_- or am I alone on this one :'(
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dude!! no one mentioned Dan Brown? seriously? no da vinci code or angels and demons fans our here? i love dan brown... still trying to get ahold of digital fortress.

i'd also recommend ellen hopkins. awesome awesome books. fast reads.

haha! im glad im not alone in my love for reading. idk how much i read. probably too much. the 'rents banned me from buying anymore books. not just mangas but books books. i'd say i read about 500 books a year or something close to that. no exageration i swear. i make a trip to the library once a week. and my library fine is... ok lets not get into that...

also a harry potter, LOTR, and twilight fan. also love anything by amelia atwater-rhodes.
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