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Yeah, don't let the forums die! I only just got here. Relatively. ;_; Don't leave me..
I've been here for a year (or close to it). I don't plan on letting it die. I love coming here, even if only a few people come on a day. ^__^ It's fun.
(\ /)
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Guess who has a myspace --> Me!
Guess who has a facebook --> Me again!
hahaha i love ur siggy ookami >< devil chao i love those
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well the last 2 weeks there wasn't much activity on the forum... i
dont let the forum die guys! this is like..the only forum i've been visiting lately lolzers...

...when is the new song from back-on coming out?(or any other cool band for that matter...)
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Rafe Blake:"REALLY?"
Kenji:"Well, you "are" a minor character..unlike me"
Rafe Blake:"MINOR?"
Teeda:"That's what he said, bro. Besides at least you can "fly away"."
Kenji:"haha! good one! haha!"
we have our slow days but dont let that be the reason for leaving. everyone's been busy with school, work, etc. so yeah.

cool bands: the gazettE and d'espairsray. also ellegarden (recommended by tsubame xD)
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hmm... well, yeah i've observed that not much is participating now, so this is because of that incident huh? but i've no plan on quitting.. i'd just found a friend here, with same nationality and language so i hope that there would be more.. i'll look on to the bright side of life... so, if some of you wanna quit, then do it. it's your life, but make sure that you will not regret it. In this forum, you have found friends.... wouldn't you treasure it???
Do or die. Make you choice.

I certainly don't plan on quitting. When I joined it was summer time therefore could commit more time but now that school has started back up I don't have all the time in the world. Though I do drop in every so often. I for one didn't hear about the potatoe or whatever incident and honestly wasn't aware of any animosity between members.
Aww, Koba - I really hope you're re-considering! Big Grin I have to admit that for me, the potatoe incident was a one-off that I'd almost forgotten about! It certainly wasn't serious really imho, just someone being a bit naughty. It's probably good that you are friendly with potatoe... he/she might have caused more havoc otherwise!

Thank you everyone for sticking with BOO Forums! It has been quite quiet recently, I think it's a sign that we're all working hard (somewhat) at school/real life! I feel a massive sense of relief now that my exams are over (until June) and aside from coursework (and some essays on the horizon-neuuu!) I think I do have a bit more time now to dedicate to the forums and the main site ^^ We are working on something at the moment that hopefully everyone will enjoy participating in, so do keep checking back Smile It's nice when people visit again - tis' almost like seeing an old friend! ^^
*gets teary eyed* Oh....*sniff* I feel the same about all of you too. *sniff* XD I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. ^__^
(\ /)
(o.o) - ...I'm gonna eat you
Guess who has a myspace --> Me!
Guess who has a facebook --> Me again!

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