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New Back-on release???
Hey i was wondering if anyone new if there was any new back-on singles coming out.
Someone posted an another back-on form that there was a c.d being released on the 30th of January , and i was wondering if anyone knew anything about it.
I've been wondering about it as well Smile Am really surprised that more information hasn't been released yet (I'm sure we knew about their previous singles at least more than one month in advance??)

If it's any help, HMV Japan is one of the sites that does have it for pre-ordering (same with Playasia but not Yesasia yet) at ¥1,050 and it's supposed to be produced by the same person behind the group GReeeeN which makes me wonder if it's going to have quite a pop sound?

I do like one of GReeeeN's songs in particular (specifically HIGH G.K. LOW as the PV rocks) but I don't know the rest. Perhaps someone who is more familiar with their style could elaborate on this? They have a new single due out on the 16th of January 2008.

Anyway, HMV's notes in Japanese are:

(will add more detail later. Got to catch a train now)
The producer for GReeeeN's lastest album has worked on the majority if not all BACK-ON's releases as well as a vocalist and guitarist in his own bands.
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sugoi !!! Soundy, do you speak currently japanese ?
As Soundy has already mentioned, JIN is the producer of most of Back-on's music. The band is called paymoneytomypain (PTP) - the link is to a thread that Nao created before.

I hope we do find out more about the single soon. I don't think it's mentioned anywhere on the Back-on website as yet, but maybe I'm just being blind.

p/s: I've taken the liberty of editing the title of the thread, hope slipknot420 doesn't mind Smile
I will Probably get shot for this but oh well Tongue. I hope this new release is better then their last two. They were a step backwards from New World and Baby Rock imho.
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Considering I love New World to bits, I can kind of agree with you Wink
I always love New World. It's so....powerful to my ears! xD I do love their 2 latest singles though, but not as much as New World. I still love Back-On though! I bet their newest single will be awesome! Big Grin

I checked the site and haven't seen any new single yet. Check their blog?
Flick Wrote:p/s: I've taken the liberty of editing the title of the thread, hope slipknot420 doesn't mind Smile

No i don't mind lol
Thank you guys for looking at my post!!
I checked their blog , but nothing really mentioned anything about a new c.d. I'm sorry. Like I mentioned , i was on another back-on form and someone posted that they were coming out with a new single, so i was just curious to see if anyone knew about it.
It would be really cool if they came out with a new single.
Thanks for everyones replies!!!
well WAKITA is posting comments on myspace about an upcoming single.
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