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Final Preperations for AUSA
I need to know who is going and/or if you have a gift for the band.
There is about 2 weeks left till the band makes thier way to Arlington/DC.

I just need to know:
Real name:
contact # (cell phone)
attending AUSA?

I would like to have a meet up of BOO fans before the q&a at the con.
[Image: sxadachiteedayw2.png]
Real Name: Andrew
Gift: None, sadly.
Contact: I'll PM you.
Attending AUSA: Saturday for sure. :'D
Engrish lol
[Image: frwedomvu8.jpg]
I am going! :3

Real name: Kelly
Gift: Scarf, and small stuffed animals. (not bigger than my hand)
contact #: 210-488-7137
attending AUSA: All the days.
Let’s go! Take off the chains! Spread your wings! Towards the blue world!

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