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Wallpapers: UPDATE: Sands of Time & Flyaway
OH! I already have the 1024x768, just forgot to add it XD

No need to worry guys, I found scans of BACK-ON's regular edition. Big scans too! Big Grin There's a scan of Teeda in it. O.o I'll upload the scans soon, and when I get my limited, I'll scan that too xD
omg its so pretty!!!! i cant wait for the edition 2!!!! i think this one looks a bit plain no offence sesshy, please dont kill me, its really well done just a bit plain for my taste....
Glad you found the scans, Sesshy! Big Grin To quote Kenji - YATTA! If it's the same file that I've just come across earlier, the CD for the regular edition looks really shiny - I wonder if the limited edition one will have a different design. And why is there just one photo of Teeda (and none of the others ?!!? :p) Not that I am complaining of course, but still~~

p/s: After reading Edward's post, I went to visit the Media section as well - looks very spiffy! Pon Yeah
I can't please everyone.

Maybe there is other scans? I hope there is, if so, I'll do a version 3 wallpaper!! 8D I believe tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll get my single.
Flick, by any chance the file you saw was a site that has the word "data" in it?
ah! a scan just of Teeda! Lovelove ha ha.

now that i think of it, shouldn't all these wallpapers go on the main page with Mjtheone's?
(\ /)
(o.o) - ...I'm gonna eat you
Guess who has a myspace --> Me!
Guess who has a facebook --> Me again!
*points to Flick*
* Flick gets caught out yet again. Absolutely - and I will ensure they are there by this weekend Wink My bad!

p/s: @Sesshy- I think so. I had to look in my history because I couldn't actually remember!
I don't wanna say the site because...yeah it's download site XD I don't wanna advertise it here.

Oh and Flick, answer my email. I have a problem about flickr that's pissing me off.
I think it did have quite a few things on there Wink

@Sesshy: Please let me know what specific problems you're having by email? I'm still not familiar with the Flickr interface so it must be a configuration issue, gomen.
I'll email you now then. There's also something else I need really rant to you XD I can't hold it much longer.

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