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Wallpapers: UPDATE: Sands of Time & Flyaway
Hehe, gomen. I do tend to perform good disappearing acts at the wrong moments :p I'm personally really hoping that Back-on will announce news about their next international performance soon (or a preview of their new songs!) Smile since (I think it was pointed out already by ichi somewhere) it's been a year since Anime Matsuri?
Time flies so fast....

I had a dream that Back-On changed their site different...I wonder if that's coming out soon?
Ooh I hope so! Big Grin I presume it will be (as you've said) with all their new photo-shoot activities! I can't quite remember when they changed to their present site at the moment... ^^
When Flower/Butterfly was release?
While seeing Shu in it....his red pants.....is pretty bright O_o;
Hehe, that would make alot of sense! Big Grin *knocks self on head*

I actually still wanted him to have short hair/wear a suit thing... Sob so seeing him in red (bright and a bit tight) trousers was a little Heh
I wish he wears something better than tight pants/skinny jeans...xD
Oh btw, did you get my email about UVERworld.org wanting to Affiliate with you?
Me too... I want him in a suit tbh. Just BECAUSE! Big Grin

And yes, I did. Thanks! Sorry about the ultra late reply, but I HAVE finally replied! ^^ Am really excited about the affiliation Smile
do want his short hair in a way as well Skinny jeans on guys turns me off a lot XD

gah, I need to finish your email right now. Seriously need to work on others things, so I understand about ultra late reply! @_@
also working on another banner for the forum
Thanks for being so patient ^^ I'll endeavor to reply much faster this time! Big Grin

Oooh another banner! *looks forward to it*

Don't usually blow my own trumpet but: I'm so amazing at procrastination, I could do a degree in it Smile
LOL you're just like the UVERadmin....she said she's going to Jail for that crime instead of a degree xD

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