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Questions for BACK-ON
What else is there to do in life then be in a cool band like Back-on. The guys in back-on seem like cool, fun guys and he was like the big brother. I like him but Icchan is cool too. It's just seem theirs more to the story they don't want us to know. Maybe it will be on Japan VH1 back stories of Japn's hottest band of the past. LOL.

I hope that will be a long time from now, like twenty years down the line.
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The band is keeping that info under wraps. me and one other person know the full truth to the story
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As Ookami said, that is what the news posts said on their website Smile But as max has said (and Nao has confirmed) ... there may be darker reasons. I guess we should be glad it hasn't caused the band to split up, as I seem to recall that quite a few do when a member leaves ^^
was that the part where u had to turn ur video cam off?
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probably. wonder what it was? .......*starts thinking of theories*
(\ /)
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I would of been made if that happened, like crying on the floor thinking the end of the world was really starting to happen.Sad
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"There is no Fate but What we Make"
It would have been a premature pause in their career as a band me thinks if that had happened, but am glad it didn't! Big Grin

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