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Is anyone currently learning Japanese?
RYNNN! Big Grin I agree with Sowon - Japanese lessons from Rynn-sensei whilst she is in Japan! ^^ And a really useful lessons too~ I really have difficulty with the giving/receiving part as I never remember who's the recipient. For the wa and ga raised by Sowon *Flick ish completely lost*

aoi-sama Wrote:aoi=blue; in some cases is green (like "aoi kusa"=green grass)
Didn't know it became green when used with kusa! Smile

lesboys22 Wrote:Thanks. my book already taught me those. Tongue I know the basics like numbers, colors, directions, and the like. I am beginning to learn verbs and form setences.

Hope it's going well! As Aoi said, most of us are doing some form of Japanese learning one way or another, although one (ala... me) is a slow learner >_<

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