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Is anyone currently learning Japanese?
I'm learning through school classes and I'm studying outside of school with my Kanji book and the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. The dictionary is a great book as it goes into particles and grammar rules and shows you the differences of similiar particles, if that makes any sense. Like ageru and morau both mean to give but for ageru you can't be the recipient. You would use ageru for sentences like Watashi wa Ami ni hana o ageta (I gave Ami flowers). Or Boku (a male term) wa Haruko-san wa o nagusamete ageta (I consoled Haruko). While for morau, the subject receives the benefit. (Watashi wa) haha ni hon o katte moratta (my mother bought me a book).

I hope that wasn't too confusing... Though I didn't get through the entire book I got to use what I learned in Japan.

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