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Clip of Back-on performing live
It was made in the same news update as the Kodou PV, but it really deserves its own thread. Again, uploaded by blueblueblue.

wewt!! back-on rox!! i cant wait till AM wer i'll be one of the ppl jumping up and down for back-on!
They really pep up the crowds before hand Smile This particular song is from Adachi Tribe I think so imagine what happens when they perform Chain and New World and all that! Big Grin
ichiban Wrote:wewt!! back-on rox!! i cant wait till AM wer i'll be one of the ppl jumping up and down for back-on!

well we shoul meet up for the show and get as close to the stage as possible and rock out together. ^^
[Image: sxadachiteedayw2.png]
we should we should! mebe you'll spot me? i'll be cosplaying as L inside a chocolate pocky box =D
The unique L with lots of fangirls and hungry people following after... Big Grin
hmm im a bit worried about that. fangrls/boys can get a bit excited and would glomp w/o asking which would be really bad for my box since its pretty fragile and i worked very hard on it (so far i've spent about 11 hrs working on it. since im not very artistic, i hav to be extra careful and go over and over a bunch of spots on the box)
They actually *glomp* people without knowing them? *hasn't been to an anime convention...*
oh yes!! its not proper con etiquette but ppl still do. most cosplayers dont mind but there are some who would want u to ask. at onicon07 this orochimaru cosplayer glomped a jiraiya cosplayer and he got pretty upset cuz she got her makeup all over his jiraiya cosplay. so its always nice to ask first before glomping!
I'll be sure to remember that, thank youBig Grin I suppose if I saw a Kakashi cosplayer I'd be quite excited too. Hopefully we can get good picture of your pocky box at some point.

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