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I dont know when I'll get to Japan but I will go! Sad.. soon I hope, im determined to go and visit the beautiful place for at least a year
Hey I'm back! And I have sooooo much to tell you! I don't know where to start...granted I haven't slept for almost two days (it has been July 16th for almost 48 hours now...lol) I'll add more to this later. Also I hope you don't mind the red.

July 4th

Narita: We landed in the Narita international airport around 1:00 in the afternoon. The flight wasn't as horrendous nor did it drag on forever like I expected. I had stayed up all night so I was able to sleep on the plane and got to skip out on the jet lag. And no I couldn't go to the Shibuya concert ;__; We had virtually no time since we were trying to catch the Shikansen to Kyoto.

The first thing I noticed about Japan is that it is VERY green. The Japanese import lumber because they don't want to cut down their forests and my my are they beautiful. The mountains are foggy and smoky and so much so that it makes you want to run in them and touch the clouds.

Train 1-Shinagawa to Kyoto: One thing I love about Japan is how small it is. The bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto was about two and half hours as compared to the days I would have to drive just to get across the US. Also I recommend if you travel to Japan and are going to explore the entire island is to get a rail pass. I want to say mine was five hundred but I know it was lower then that. Instead of having to search for your coins you just grab your pass and show it to the worker in the booth. I'll ask my teacher more information about them.

The views are great on the trains. I trying but I can hardly describe it. Btw, pictures are on the way. We're all going to exchange them this week so I can bedazzle you with Japan and all its beauties Smile

Kyoto: Did I mention that I went during the rainy season? Yeah, end of June to July is wet season for Japan. Though it really didn't get bad until later, it was still wet in Kyoto. I love urban sprawl so I automatically fell in love with Kyoto. The nights are eye candy though be cautious because Kyoto has a higher crime rate then Tokyo and Osaka perhaps due to the Yakuza. I'm not an expert so I can't get any more detailed than that. Though I didn't have any problems they say be careful because you might get mugged. But really that's every major city.

Our first night we were left on our own to get our own food. Mind you it was four girls and one guy. The one guy, Tommy, my friend, Keri, and myself being the oldest. The other two being semi naive 15-ish year olds who haven't really traveled before who were a little fixed on the Anime-Japan stereotype. We were all still pretty frugal back then so we were hesitant to spend over ¥1000 (about $10 or €6) for a small bowl of food. The Japanese also import a lot of their food so again, that's why its expensive. You're probably thinking it really isn't that expensive, but remember three squares a day add up quickly and plus at the time a restaurant wasn't looking too attractive. Also it wasn't just that it was expensive we didn't know where else to buy food except for restaurants or convenience stores. I refused to let my first meal be McDonald's so we went to a convenience store and bought onigiri. It had been a long day so we spend the rest of the night (it was about nine at night) in our hotel rooms, eating and drinking tea.

Overall my first impression of Japan was positive. I was impressed and fascinated. More so than my friends but I don't blame them because most of them aren't used to traveling, moving from means of transportation to the next while juggling their luggage. Oh and a foreboding note, bring luggage you can carry.

Anyway that's it for the first day. Please don't hurt me for being too wordy, I doubt the rest of my descriptions will be so lengthy next time.

Again, PHOTOS ARE BEING POSTED! I just don't know where at the moment. I don't want to waste precious bandwidth so maybe I'll post a link to an online photo album(?) or just post the best pictures and link the rest to an album...hmmm. I leave for you now but I shall tease you with this giant Totoro ^^

[Image: P1010107.jpg]
Welcome back, Rynn! Big Grin This post is amazing! I really really enjoyed reading it! I don't know why people apologise for wordy posts - for me, the more detail the better! Wub I love the way you described day 1 (and plenty of great tips too, thanks!) with lots of fascinating info about Japan, Kyoto, the weather etc. (I didn't know they imported wood at all!) I'm sure the convenience store onirigi was better than the Maccy Ds, and I definitely agree one's first meal in a foreign country should never ever be MacDs.

Photos wise *HUGGGLES the Totoro whilst waiting* I have the Neko-bus soft toy! Whichever way you decide to display them, I don't mind personally and I'm sure the others won't either, so whatever is easiest for you. I just have to demand photos, that's all Tongue

Thanks again for posting day 1Smile feel free to start a new thread if it works for you too. Am looking forward to Day 2!

p/s: Sowon, where's your Luxembourgy post? Tongue
wow rynn, ur trip to japan is getting good, please continue, eh narita?...i went there but just a stop by T_T, wanted to stay longer, but anyways cant wait to see the rest of your photo's, hey its totoro, the forest spirit kawaii, i didnt expect their food would be that expensive...i'll keep that in mind when i go there, any tips for the ppl who are going there?
[Image: neji2.jpg]

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