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Pictures Of Youre Desktops
OOOOOOOit looks so cool!!!!!!!!
My PC *o*

[Image: 2co61vm.jpg]

** Girl on the image: Valeria. The girl I love *o* and that's my wallpaper when I'm alone :B

[Image: 2yuaxw8.jpg]

** Background when I'm with friends or with my family in my room xD
[Image: oRHRbtl.jpg]
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aww ><;
new desktop for me!
[Image: printscreen2.png]
i like abstract ;D
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
omg it looks so cool again!!!!! i want to steal it
lolll then go to 'deviantart.com' and search 'abstract wallpapers'
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
[Image: untitled.png]

new one! once again~ ;D
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
@SMiiiLEzz i just love those wallpapers. I get mine from deviantart as well, but i never find these. *will try to look harder*
(\ /)
(o.o) - ...I'm gonna eat you
Guess who has a myspace --> Me!
Guess who has a facebook --> Me again!
It's great to see everyone sharing their desktops! Smile Although it's actually kick-starting me into tidying mine up - I really have to! >_<

Not sure if this is the point to mention that it would be great if everyone could resize their pics a little if it's quite wide so it doesn't overstretch the forum too much.

@Yuki: Do you have some fast background switcher for that?? :p

I'd agree that Deviantart is amazing! The last few wallpapers I had were all from there before my most recent one. It generally sits on my desktop for months though, so I admire the people who make an effort to change it every so often.
i got banned from snime paper Why

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