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Anime EXPO
You speak of J-rockers...*recalls guest list for Expo then cringes and eventually begins to weep* I want to go sooooo badly!!!! If my friend Keri goes without me I'll just have to kill her...-____-
I hope you can go, Rynn! Big Grin Is it the timing?
Flick Wrote:I hope you can go, Rynn! Big Grin Is it the timing?

Oh I'm definitely not going but thanks anyway dear. I absolutely cannot afford it plus I'm admittedly using AX as an excuse to go back to California. I absolutely love California, Long Beach and Huntington in particular. But I'll be fine if I don't go this year but I do hope to get a chance to go one day. Its just that AX gets really awesome guests. Last year they got CLAMP!!! >_<
Wow, one can only dream of such cool conventions in the UK! I can't believe a USconvention managed to invite CLAMP! Such a big name! Big Grin When is AX coming up?
June--I always say July for some reason... June 29-July 2 I'm assuming its around the same time every year. I know Flick but even for those of us in the US its on the other side of the country so it might as well be on the other side of the planet :/ Its at glamorous and beautiful Long Beach, near Disney Land and the Pacific Ocean. This year I know they are also premiering both live action films of Death Note as well as ORESKABAND, S.K.I.N. and many others (http://www.anime-expo.com/) They got 40k attendees last year, making it the largest convention in North America. If they ever got Clamp again no matter what I'd go. I'd walk...!

Hehe, I sometimes do forget that there's a massive landmass between the east/west side of the US, seeing as it's possible to go anywhere around the UK within a relatively shorter time Smile
Wow, 40,000! I guess for 40,000 people, Long Beach/Disneyland/Pacific Ocean is a fitting setting for such a big convention! ^^ Just thinking of the logistics is mind-boggling~~ imagine if Back-on performed there? *mind just dies from too much boggling*
Thanks for the link to the website - I'm going to take a look!

p/s: wondering if should split the topic now that uh... it's not about Criss Angel? Sweatdrop
Splitting is a good idea...^^; Yeah, Back-on should try to get booked for either Anime Expo, Otakon and A-kon (the conventions with attendance over 15k)
kyaa!! i wanted to go to AX too! the silentreaper is going and she said if u came up to her with a pen and paper she'll do a sketch for u. i love her chibis to death and she makes the best DN comics out there. so what band is playing for AX? god i have to go to that convention atleast once before i die. i mean its not like any other convention which lasts for 3 days. AX last for 5 frickin days... *dies* anyway another con i wanted to go to was j-rock revolution which our beloved naomi attended. the bands that performed... the bands that performed!!!! OMG!!!! miyavi for crying out loud!! miyavi is like deathly afraid of americans and all of us fangirls thought he would never ever step foot in america then there he goes in jrock revolution and I missed it? totally unfairness... man... that con.... i'll probably start foaming in the mouth if i attended cuz of jrock overload... *weeps* oh yeah we were talking about criss angel...
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.
Well Miyavi is also going to AX...but that probably doesn't make you feel better... But you know that already anyway. I know your pain ichi. What makes me cringe most is that I totally would have been able to go too but my friend decided on her own that we weren't going. Let's just say she really regrets that now. Its technically AX's fault, they should have announced their guests like...more than one month before the convention. Plus I don't like the whole buy tickets for the shows ($50 each) you want to see because it totally destroys my surefire plan of showing five minutes after the show started and beating the crowds.
Thread split to just Anime Expo Smile Hope the title is ok, not sure why I typed it in CAPSLOCK by mistake. Any complaints just post and it will be changed ^^
You have to buy individual tickets for each concert! Wow, if you're a fan of lots of bands you'd have to be pretty rich (or saved loads) to attend them all!

Ichi - wow, you really know your j-rock conventions! Big Grin

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