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Wallapers of Wan2be
New variation! Smile I do like all the different text ^^

Can I make a special request for a fairly plain wallpaper please? (if you don't mind?) My desktop is quite uh... messy, and so I tend to go for the plainer wallpaper (well, they do have designs but the main area/space is quite plain) because otherwise I wouldn't be able to find my icons! No worries if not Big Grin
No i don't mind,but whats a plain wallpaper (i don't know allot difficult words, because i come from Holland)
Gomen! I get all wordy and silly when I type things without thinking them through. By plain I guess I mean -> simple? So e.g.

[Image: Fluid_Motion_Wallpaper_by_ka05.jpg]
This is quite simple?
ok i understand now, you just want a simple wallpaper so you can find your icons easily on you're(messy Tongue Tongue) desktop?.
Hai hai! Big Grin Yes, please! ^^
ummm I would like to have your background screen shot pleas(if you don't mindTongue), Be cause i wanted too see were your icons are and then make the wallpaper.(if you dont know how just press print screen SyrsRq button when you aren't doing nothing with your comp, so when you are done, you can paste it down windows program Paint and safe it and uploading it: http://imageshack.us/ Smile )
LOL! Big Grin It might be a good idea to make a thread for us to post screenshots of desktops actually - so can I post it there if posb? Smile For your reference, my icons are located on the left of the screen with one column of icons to the right. Not sure if others have it like that though, I wouldn't want to hog up your time to myself Sweatdrop

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