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Rant: The new Olympics London 2012 logo...
I think the logo is cute(I'm probably the only person who thinks this : O ). But not for something as important as the Olympics (maybe for a children's day care or a little fair or something. but not the olympics) x_x This was a huge waste of money.

I just died of laughter! Big Grin This is hilarious!
Koutarou Wrote:Last night I saw a Night Line special on the logo dispute!
Those Londonians(?) looked pretty ticked off when they were asked about the design.
Hm... I'm not quite sure if I heard correctly, but the program also said that the video advertisement caused seizures due to the bright flashing lights. o_O

It's true. Apparently it has the potential to cause (and has caused a few) epileptics to have seizures. Luckily it's in the minority! One would have thought they would have taken this into consideration before publicising it, since this is quite a major concern (more major than aesthetics anyway)

400k could have been donated to charity~~ or something more worthwhile Smile
No need to apologize the rant is entirely warranted. That has got to be one of the worst and ugliest things I have ever seen. I'd definitely hate to be the guy who designed that. *barf*.
Biiru o nomimasu!
Aww thanks, lesboys Smile Glad you agree!

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