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Rant: The new Olympics London 2012 logo...
I dont' know if anyone has read about this, but since I live in the UK I find it quite unbelievable that the tax payer had to fork out £400,000 for what is essentially cr*p.

To compare and contrast, let's start with the logo that won London the actual bid to host the Olympics in 2012.

[Image: london1.jpg]

Now, let's move onto the 'brand new design'
[Image: olympic_logo_390x220.jpg]

which comes in 4 shades of (ugh) Neon and is supposed to be the heart and soul of the brand. It's supposed to show 2012 - but I mean, until someone pointed that out, I really couldn't see that it was anything resembling London/Olympics - aside from the (required) Olympics logo and 'London'.

Even if they don't bring back the old logo, there are plenty of others far better that have been submitted here:


Dear everyone, sorry about the rant!
(p/s: The first image is from 38one.com and the second from Creativematch.co.uk)
Hm... I see why you're ranting. Those other designs are much more attractive than the official one. And, gosh! To pay that much money...? >_<
that's suppose to be 2012?....wow....the point of emphasising on 2012 that much is...?
(\ /)
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Haha I read about this. The critics called it a huge waste of money and hideous. I'd hate to be the guy who designed it Wink I hope it works out for you guys in the London.
Hehe, thanks for the posts everyone! I'm sorry it was such a biatchy-sounding rant, I felt quite annoyed! Hope you all don't mind too much.

Apparently it was some company called Wolff Olins that designed it. It's website took ages to load for me and although I'm sure it has done some good work, apparently it was also the company that came up with 'Consignia' when the Post Office went through a re-branding exercise a few years ago. As far as I know, within the year, they changed the 'brand' back to 'Post Office' since it was too confusing and expensive! ^^; The change-back was also an expensive process!

I think the whole fiasco really undermines the decision making process of the London Olympics Committee... >_< They've done great so far - winning the bid, promotion, training new talent etc. but...
Last night I saw a Night Line special on the logo dispute!
Those Londonians(?) looked pretty ticked off when they were asked about the design.
Hm... I'm not quite sure if I heard correctly, but the program also said that the video advertisement caused seizures due to the bright flashing lights. o_O
Londoners dear. Hey, if it can cause seizures then its an excuse to get rid of the design.
I only have to agree !
oh look candy raver colours LOLLmfao
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