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Survive Compilation - Hikari Sasuhou (FK metal ver.)
Fair point Smile (I assume you're referring to Adachi Tribe?) Perhaps this was recorded earlier?
I think it had to be recorded before and didn't want to put it out their because they knew it wouldn't sell.
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I agree that it must be the case as well. It's definitely a great song, but it felt a bit like a rough diamond that hadn't been polished just yet?

At least they included it in a compilation, so we still get to listen to it somehow ^^
Does anyone have Grab uploaded? I love that song so much and wish I had it.
It's actually still available from: here - I sort of lost track of time Sweatdrop Please let me know when you've downloaded it and I can take it offline Smile
Thanks so much. I've downloaded it already. =D
yay i just downloaded it too! idk why i forgot when meji told me...
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Glad you've both got the files now! Big Grin Thanks for taking the time to let me know too Wink Going to take it offline now until next time ^^
whats up. im new here. hikari sasuhou (fk metal ver.) is my favorite back-on song but i cant find the full version. i think the full version is the Hikari Sasuhou (Survive ver.) Sad its offline on this site so i dont know where to get it. i was wondering if anyone knows where to get it. thx. Big Grin
i am me and there is nothing more to it Tongue
Welcome to the forums, kaito26 Smile Perhaps you could introduce yourself on the Introductions board too? Hikari Sasuhou is one of my favourite Back-on songs, and this applies to both the FK Metal ver. and Survive ver. (the latter is an earlier recording of FK Metal ver. and does sound different)
At the moment, it's not available on BOO since it was up for about 2 weeks, but it may become part of the music rotation for this month, depending.

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