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Survive Compilation - Hikari Sasuhou (FK metal ver.)
The CD arrived in the post today (Survive compilation) which features 3 of Back-on's songs including:
  2. Hikari Sasuhou
  3. Grab

[Image: disc_survive.jpg]

I have to be honest and admit that the rest of the CD isn't as good as Back-on (being utterly unbiased and all that :p) , but what makes the cd so special (aside from having 'Grab', which is a song not featured on any of their own releases) is that the Hikari Sasuhou featured on this CD is essentially the predecessor of the FK Metal ver.! Smile

It has a massively long introduction (just under a minute in length) and the total song is 3:58 (or 4 minutes) ^^ Since this version, Back-on have obviously arranged the music abit more and added other effects (such as the 'rolled tongue' effect on blast out the speaker in Teeda's rap part.

I have to be honest and say that the singing is a very teeny bit off at the start (can't put my finger precisely on what it is) but Teeda's rapping is pretty faultless Wink

Grab is also a fairly good song - I like the verse more than the chorus, but anyway, I'm in the process of uploading it to the radio (found just before the start of Comments on Music) so you can all listen to it too!

This was BACK-ON back in the OOLLLDDD days. o_O
the "old" days aka 2005
[Image: sxadachiteedayw2.png]
Aye, in 2005 Big Grin It was the year after the release of Adachi Tribe, Back-on's first album!

Sorry everyone, I'm having some difficulty converting the files for the radio at the moment, so it's going to take a little longer than I thought! Technology and I obviously aren't getting on too well today Wink
Apologies for the delay - You can now listen to both Grab and Hikari Sasuhou (almost FK metal ver.) online! See the first post for the link to Music!
Haha 2005 = long time ago for me (._.")
LOL!!! The intro for Hikari Sasuhou really IS super long... xD
I'm now trying to remember what I was doing in 2005 and it's been such a while I don't know! Big Grin Actually even last week seems far away, so duh Tongue

I've only put it on the radio at the moment but would you all be interested in the actual song itself for d/l?
Wow, I haven't been here in awhile with school in the way. I would definitely love it if both Hikari Sasuhou and Grab was up for d/l.
Bearing in mind it's almost like a demo version of the song Wink You can listen to it (and Grab) at http://www.backon-online.com/multimedia/music/
Grab rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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