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How can the Lyrics format be improved?
I guess it did! Big Grin I'll endeavour to include Katakana as well in the future.
translations would be a plus for sure
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Yay, finally (after a year?) someone suggests something Big Grin You know... I'd actually forgotten this until last week, but I actually did quite a few draft translations that I never posted up before.

Am wondering if I should post it on the forums first as a WIP for everyone to look at/correct and see how it goes?
yeah post 'em up! i may even be able to help, to a certain extent. maybe i can point out errors, if any.
i too was supposed to have translated a few songs but never got around to it. but i have been busy with homework and more work hours. *sigh* the future seems even more stressful
XboxLive Gamertag: Sky King IX
[Image: FFT.jpg]
Don't worry about it, aoi Smile I'm kind of in the same boat and am seriously wondering if I'm just not managing my time properly. I would very much like to correct the Gaku-Ten lyrics that I posted up a while back, and also one for Colors at the moment, since they're the most complete. What do you think?

It would be awesome if you could help Smile
thx you Aoi-sama for helping, my Japanese isn't good enough to translate songs ( only manga Big Grin )T_______T Flick, aoi-sama ganbatte ne !!!
I rely so heavily on dictionaries it's almost unreal Big Grin Probably lose some of the 'pun' meanings though and things like that though. I think Sowon's japanese is much better than mine - he can read manga (I can read the romaji, just can't understand it! Blush)

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