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The point of no return..
I am currently sitting at my Job, and ladies and gentlemen i have to admit I do not like it. The reason I pursued my job was strictly for monetary reasons, and it is literally driving me mad. I currently sell real estate and I have to admit it is quite possibly the most boring thing I have ever done in my life, and because my performance is directly tied to what I get paid....the checks arnt as big as i like either. It's a catch 22...Jesus I hate it.

So I guess the point of this thread is to get pointers on what everyone in this forum that reads this thread thinks I should pursue.

I guess no one really knows me so...here are my qualifications.

Im caucasian and can speak Chinese
I hold a college degree in Business Marketing
I have quite a bit of experience
I like to travel..
I have had 2 businesses (failing of course, otherwise Id still be pursuing)
Not married, no kids
But I do have a little debt from college that I need to get rid of....

So based on the criteria so far, what does the crew think I should do?
I'm not qualified to answer this thread, but I'm really bored...

You should work for an American-Chinese newspaper or something.

I don't quite know what business marketing is, but it sounds hard...
Ask yourself: What do you want to do? You speak Chinese and have a Business degree that should all speak for itself. If you can or are interested, I suggest working for a company like Google. I know I would if I could. Wink Places like that have branches worldwide and for sure have business positions open. Remember, you've got experience, which is great at your age. Don't beat yourself too much over college debt. You're 22, everyone at that age who doesn't already have money to pay it off has college debt. Pay it off bit by bit. Even if you decide to not to do business anymore, remember that an average person has four career changes in their lifetime. You're not alone in your boat.
I agree that the fact you are fluent in Chinese (in all aspects) and English means you're actually a *very* employable person Smile I'm sure there are lots of businesses that are looking for people who are willing to travel, since people tend to get tied down by family. I'm fairly sure that there are plenty of opportunities in China for instance, since that is the emerging economy so lots of companies are sending people there to develop business ties/relations.

About where to find the jobs... perhaps some of the lecturers from your degree course have contacts? Could also look up some of the major firms and their website to see if they're recruiting? Big Grin

Not sure if I'm best placed to give advice, but here's my uh.. two pence? Sweatdrop
u should definitely go for something you'd enjoy. you can speak chinese so you might try something in that area. dude you're still young so its ok if u pursue a totally different career. its not too late for you! Big Grin
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Ah speaking chinese is too somplicated and rare and I think you can easily find a job everywhere, plus you hold a college degree in Business Marketing.. that's not enough to find sth interesting ? business compagny wants more ?
everyone's pretty much said what i was gonna say so.....

[insert repeat advice here]

yea......so good luck! It really should be easy for you but all the same.
(\ /)
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