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Chain Instrumental Remixes from Air Gear OST II
I only just found out about the fact that Air Gear features mini-remixes of Chain by Skankfunk, and these are mostly featured in the second OST (original sound track) called Who wants more Groovy Trick!!??

You can read the full news post below:

which includes a link to Japtard.com to download the OST directly Smile You can also listen to the album directly on the site too!

They are only short clips, but I do like them! ^^
This is pretty sweet lol
Thanks for the links and stuff! The remixes sound awesome!
thx Flick I had the 1st Air Gear ! I should re-download ot
The 1st Air Gear soundtrack is also available on Japtard.com too! Smile However, it only has the TV size version of Chain...hence I'm abigger fan of the second album Sweatdrop
LOL! The Poppy Hoppy Chain mix is so weird! XD
nice nice make me want to buy the album for canada to play it at thier merch table. *hopes to run that table*
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Can have it on repeat and I don't think most people would mind at all! Big Grin It's a pity there's so little info about Skankfunk though...
I agree with u Flick, their rmx and songs are awesome !
I have both CDs from Air gear since I'm a big fan of the anime/manga. The CDs are the best. Skankfunk is the man with the skills.
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remix? cool. I'm gonna go get them right now. ^_^
(\ /)
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