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Back-on Lyrics
Gomen >_< I think Sowon or Rynn will be able to explain it better since they're more proficient at Japanese.
ah.. I've heard my name ?
Sowon nii-san has arrived! Big Grin Onyomi and Kunyomi... ^^
Hi I'm new, I can't find lyrics of New World, in romanji of course, anyone can post here?? 'Cuz I don't kno kanji lyrics, mybe someone can translate form kanji to romanji?? Please!!
Hi ichigojukka, welcome to the forums Big Grin
Sorry it's not very obvious but the romanji version is available on BOO (Back-on Online) if that helps:


There are some numbers above the lyrics when you first visit http://www.backon-online.com/lyrics-new-world/ - 1, 2, 3, 4 - and each correspond to a different version of the lyrics.
1 = Original Kanji
2 = Hiragana
3 = Romaji
4 = Kanji and Romaji (I like to call this the Hybrid or Karaoke version, had this idea from Yakhobian from CrystalNova who kindly sent me something similar for Hikari Sasuhou (Fk Metal ver)

Hope this helps Big Grin
Hi everyone, i'm wondering which songs' lyrics are missing in BO-online?(except for those new songs like butterfly and flower)....
that i might be able to help typing them, i've the 2 albums (New World, Baby Rock) and the single(Blaze Line/ a day dreaming), and i can type Kanji/Hiragana in my Windows.

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