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BACK-ON's Family
he does >_<. it's really fun! he called me a flygirl one time. and kenji's the jumper (suicidal??) or the one who always destroys his guitars cause he's way too into the song he's playing.

gori is the cute little chubby one that likes to drink with teeda.

shu is the hot silent one that morphs into the room out of nowhere just when you need him to say something smart.

icchan is the oddly cool one, we don't know why he is cool, he's not one of the original crew, but they always vouch for him.

I imagined a conversation like this about icchan:

Teeda:"Why the hell is he here?"

Kenji03:"he's cool that's why."

Gori:"He's a great drummer."

Teeda:"Still...*glances at icchan from accross the room* well can't we--"

Kenji03:"NO NO!! DUDE!! He's awesome, we need to keep him. He's solid"*gives thumbs up*


fans: *gasp!!!* Did you see that???? They accepted him!!! He's cool now!!" *celebration*

that's how i imagined their first few recordings together ^_^ *has nothing better to do with life*

*shu isn't in this conversation cause he is being bomabarded by me, plus he's the silent hot one ^_^*
[Image: tsubamelove.jpg]
thank you soundex for making this for me ^_^
haha interesting daydream :p
Flick Wrote:Teeda seems to use quite a bit of slang! Big Grin

I agree....that kind of surprised me ^_^;; I don't know why...
but you guys can so see that happening with them right?
[Image: tsubamelove.jpg]
thank you soundex for making this for me ^_^
Flick Wrote:Fair point Smile No worries, since everyone needs to have their privacy. It's cool that you know him personally though! I think Nao/SoundEx really likes him too!

No comment *turns red and runs away*

....well its obvious.
[Image: sxadachiteedayw2.png]
Teeda is the ghetto one of the group.
He knows like all the old school slang.

I love his english. just wait till you actually talk to him. he looks constapated when he tries to think of english.

Im happy my nickname for him is normal: Oniisan (older brother)

i just cant wait for canada so i can get to know the others.
[Image: sxadachiteedayw2.png]
gah! that's funny!!
[Image: tsubamelove.jpg]
thank you soundex for making this for me ^_^
max doe Wrote:Is stalking illegal in Japan? I mean following Teeda around isn't consider stalking, right? It's just watching his every move, it's not really harming anybody, right?Rolleyes

Sad part is that this isn't the first or the second time that we have talked about this >.>

Flick Wrote:* Flick looks forward to the potential revelations Big Grin

You know, max... we could always google and see if there is a word for 'stalking' in Japanese, maybe it's not illegal at all ^^ I recall that if we all hit Japan at some point (I think Rynn definitely Wink , the plan is we just happen to be shopping and hanging around the same area as Back-on, and oops, is that fan memorabilia we just happen to be carrying? What luck!

Haha oh Flick. Funny thing is that at customs they ask why you are visiting Japan and I don't think we can say "to STALK BACK-ON" ^^;
lol they would be confused.
we should say that in canada.
[Image: sxadachiteedayw2.png]
LOL Rynn! Big Grin I would be a bit tempted to say that but for the sake of peace, I'll just say that I'm there to see the 'sights'. I guess don't have to specify what sights in particular ^^

I guess it would confuse them in Canada too, Nao Smile

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