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BACK-ON - Chop Kick Turn includes English covers of Wild Thing and Wannabe
For those who have wanted to hear BACK-ON sing a song in English, this album offers up both Wild Things and Wannabe sung by Kenji03 and Teeda!

Wild Things, originally by the Troggs, is fully rocked up and a personal favourite cover of mine.    

Wannabe, of Spice Girls fame, also gets the same treatment and I can only say I'm impressed by how well Teeda does Scary Spice's rap, and Kenji03 has seriously improved his language skills.

The album also includes the two Chinese (or strictly speaking, Mandarin) songs recently released by BACK-ON -  Clown and Carry on, and they are great songs too with BACK-ON's signature meaningful lyrics.

I would recommend a listen on e.g. Spotify and while you're listening, take a read (w Google Translate if required) of this recent meeting between ZebraHead and BACK-ON.  KENJI03 explains that that wanted to include a notable song from the 90s (and what is more famous than Wannabe?) and also he loves Major League, the film, hence the inclusion of Wild Thing.


What do you think of the new album? Let us know your thoughts below!

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