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Organising the Discography section - help?
Just throwing a few ideas out and would be great to get some feedback  Thumbup

At the moment the Discography section (out of date I know) is just one massive page.   I am thinking about how to organise it so that it is helpful for old/new fans alike.   

When I was searching through sites in the past, I found it easier to have one massive Discography (song/track) list in release date reverse order so I could Ctrl+F and search for a specific track, rather than clicking through to each album.  

Am conscious this is not the most tidy/efficient way, partly because its not very tidy (as is) and also BACK-ON keep releasing new albums!  (Not that I'm really complaining :p) 

The natural evolution of this seems to be to have a full tracklist in the sidebar of the Discography page, which can be in alphabetical order.

This then leaves what we can do with the main section.  For instance, one method I am considering is simply what BACK-ON have done on their own site, which is to organise the Discography by type (album/single) and then list the thumbnail.

Personally though, I quite like being able to see the album and tracklist without having to click through to the next page.  However, it would be great to have some thoughts from you all about how you use/navigate the Discography page either here or on other sites of your favourite bands.

Thanks in advance! ^^ 

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