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Anime USA 2013 Round up (13 - 15th September 2013)
@Yuffybunny danced next to Koda Kumi at BACK-ON's concert

@redneckotaku said BACK-ON was awesome

@Anime_USA: Kenji03 et co on stage
[Image: BUKwH5iIcAEivVR.jpg]

@Anime_USA: Practice in progress
[Image: BUKyI-iCUAAIfY1.jpg]

BACK-ON Blog - Kenji03 on site with the lady in charge of catering(?) - 6 years on
[Image: Y4XEBT1l.jpg]
[Image: 3MSdpXfl.jpg]

BACK-ON Blog - GORI with a Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle)
[Image: H4tk3qFl.jpg]

BACK-ON Blog - SHU - ever the gentleman - surrounded by lovely ladies
[Image: pNbKNQZl.jpg]
@TEEDA_BACKON - Also with the lovely ladies.
[Image: BUE0VKBIYAAooKP.jpg]

@therealpaper - getting a lovely collection of autographed BACK-ON memorabilia
[Image: BUORQdSIYAAQdMQ.jpg]

@therealpaper - Signed drumsticks, picks galore!
[Image: BUOTGzbIYAAPUEi.jpg]

@Anime_USA - Auction time - spot the BACK-ON set list in the bottom-left corner
[Image: BUODxwOIUAAyK_i.png]

@therealpaper - And bought by @therealpaper for $51 - so worth it!
[Image: BUOKdeYIcAEGKC9.jpg]
@esw01407 said Back On was AMAZING.

@gencyannie: Photo 1 with BACK-ON (Instagram link)
[Image: b2f2b5161e3b11e3bacd22000a9e08df_7.jpg]

@gencyannie: Photo 2 with BACK-ON (Instagram link)
[Image: e54039761e3b11e3948222000a1f9307_7.jpg]

@gencyannie: Hello World signed by BACK-ON (Instagram link)
[Image: 3aa6bc8a1e3911e3918122000a9f4d8a_7.jpg]
@info_BACKON - Behind the scenes (before the concert)
[Image: BUKgAwgCcAAnOw-.jpg]

@info_BACKON - Behind the scenes 2
[Image: BUJAT_2CEAAGm-k.jpg]

@info_BACKON - Behind the scenes - BACK-ON getting ready for their session with the fans
[Image: BUFNG1xCYAAvA6e.jpg]
@seeseeworld: "Our funny face shot with #backon after Kenji03 tried to sit on my lap" (Instagram link
[Image: tumblr_mt6nsub1oN1qg76i4o1_500.jpg]

thatjrockkid on Tumblr: At the BACK ON Panel now! We have an interview with them on Sunday! Please look forward to it![Image: tumblr_mt38p5aQjj1ra9y4do1_500.jpg]

@VKH_Official (article written by thatjrockkid): "Interview with BACK-ON is finished!! Look out for it on VKHTV"
[Image: BUO8kylIAAAj5uK.jpg]
@MAD_Candy: "BACK-ON goods from this weekend and Saturday night's set list~ Woo! ♡" (Instagram link)
[Image: a896e9501ef111e38eb822000a1ddb86_7.jpg]

@MAD_Candy: "BACK-ON chekis from this weekend~ ♡" (Instagram link)
[Image: 9f22b42a1ef211e3899a22000a9f4dc8_7.jpg]
@intl_awol: Convention in DC [Photo Recap] featuring BACK-ON

Brilliant collection! Smile http://internationalawol.com/2013/09/16/animeusa/ Courtesy of Travis Vaughn.
Oh wow, lots of picture collections, thanks for all the finds! Seems like the people that went had an awesome time which is always great
Back-On thank you image from Facebook
[Image: 995170_507119706025262_144791885_n.jpg]
Nice one reg! Big Grin Love this photo! <3

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