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BACK-ON Tube vol.27 - New song preview and lots of fun BACK-ON times

This new BACK-ON Tube video really made me LOL! Big Grin The highlights (for me) are:
  • New song sample playing at the start!
  • BACK-ON eating curry in the park
  • It turns out GORI eats the slowest out of the 4 (at least, when it comes to spicy/hot curry)
  • TEEDA is really good at playing keepy-uppy and the 4 of them managed to do 10 in a row - all captured in this episode Big Grin
  • Despite GORI being the slowest eater, he is surprisingly fit and dashed up a billion (maybe not so many Tongue) steps first out of all of them
  • The boys attempted a 4-man-5-leg walk and after a few false starts even managed to jog towards the end ~

Props to reg for the news regarding the new video upload and song.
I recorded the teaser songs from both vol 27 and 28 Big Grin Not perfect as I forgot to edit out the dialing tone between the two, but in case anyone is interested:

BACK-ON - 爆つへ vol 27-28 teaser.mp3
I get a 404 not found error when I click the link
Epic fail by yours truly Mantou I managed to type in the wrong url and linked it to back-on.com instead of backon-online.com. Now edited - thanks reg Smile
Heh I see. Tongue

Anyways nice recordings, the sound quality sounds really great too so good job with that, still loving the first song the most though.
Thanks for the props, reg Wink

I like the first song too - so summery (lack of summer here at the moment)

The second song reminds me a little bit of their older tracks, especially the bit where Kenji starts singing the 'first verse'? I just can't think of which song at the moment.

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