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Thanks for posting the excellent example, Tsubame and also for your extra-new review/interpretation, Ichi! Big Grin I wish I had a way with words like that... I've made a quick but shoddy attempt at interpretation I'm afraid, so please do correct it if you have the time!

New World - one of my favourite songs because the music is seriously uplifting! Some might say that the beginning of the song is rather like Linkin' Park's Faint, but unlike Faint, listening to the song makes me feel quite empowered, perhaps because of the way the chorus tune rises up, but also because of the way the lyrics starts with Teeda saying "Who told you (you) couldn’t do it." and continues with the same message of reaching a new world (I think?) Of course, there is also the strong underlying beat that easily gets anyone hyped up.

p/s: It also helps to watch the music video where the band walk towards the light (from the dark tunnel) and more importantly: oogle Teeda and Kenji03.

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